Geoff Lakeman - 'After All These Years' - CD Album
After All These Years CD

"AFTER ALL THESE YEARS" is my debut solo album. It features self-written and Cornish songs, Irish ballads, contemporary and Americana songs.


It was produced and recorded where I live on Dartmoor by my eldest son Sean Lakeman and I'm humbled by the dazzling array of leading folk musicians who have guested on it.


Featuring :

Sean, Sam and Seth Lakeman - Kathryn Roberts - Cara Dillon - Nic Jones - Jim Causley - Ben Nicholls - Sam Kelly - Jamie Francis - Dan Crimp - Gill Redmond


Track Listing :

1. The Farmer's Song

2. Tie' Em Up

3. England Green / England Grey

4. Ye Lovers All

5. Rule And Bant

6. A Wide, Wide River To Cross

7. Jim Jones

8. Galway Bay

9. The Green Cockade

10.When The Taters Are All Dug

11.Bonny Irish Maid

12.The Road Together

13.Doggie Song

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